A little bit about me :)

I am a stay at home mom (for the time being) who LOVES taking photos and is bound and determined to make the absolute most of my little point and shoot (Canon PowerShot A710) that we bought in February 2007 before the birth of my son.

As it gets slower and slower these days, we just made the choice to purchase another point and shoot - so there will be a mix of shots from the A710 and now the SX130 (purchased February 2011)

Happy Shooting!

Monday, February 28, 2011


This weeks challenge over at iHeartFaces

“Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes…Anything But A Face!”

I was soo excited when I saw that! Don't get me wrong I LOVE face photographs... but being a detail person - this really called out to me.

I love to document the little moments, the little details often overlooked.

This shot is one I took in the local museum, of my son studying one of their active displays. I had never taken him there before (because I didn't really know how well my THREE year old would handle the museum)

He did beautifully. He is an observer most of the time... he sucks in everything (all the little details... just like his mama) like a sponge!

When he is studying anything, his hands automatically go together, behind him as he looks at every nook and cranny of something.

When he does that, along with his expression, I see a child who suddenly has that "wise beyond his years" look.

So here is my entry! Head on over to iHeartFaces to see the other entries!

Taken with a Canon PowerShot A710
0.008 sec (1/125)
Focal Length
11.5 mm
Exposure Bias
0 EV

Exposure Mode Manual

White Balance Manual



  1. this is a very cool shot! great work

  2. I love this!!! heart heart big time!!!

  3. Makes me wonder what he's thinking!! Nice capture.

  4. I love this! Saw you on iheart faces:) http://www.aridell.com/2011/02/perspective.html

  5. Ahhh he's standing like a little man. A future scholar no doubt. Love it!